Online Board Meetings: How to Make Them Effective

For a company to flourish, decisions need to be made. Productive business meetings give a company direction and tackle many issues, including providing direction, developing ideas, and solving problems. To not waste the precious time of the board members, those business meetings must be carried out with great efficiency. It is especially important during online board meetings. But how do we accomplish an effective level of efficiency?

Before we answer that question, we need to define what a virtual board meeting is.

What is a virtual board meeting?

Because of COVID-19, most board meetings are being conducted remotely. A virtual board meeting can benefit from using designated software solutions, which make collaboration easier. It is still a novelty in many industries, but those solutions are becoming more and more prevalent worldwide through constant development. 

How to deal with virtual board meetings?

The necessity of those online board meetings forces us to shed some light on possible issues. There are a couple of challenges, among which security is a key concern. A technological concern should also be taken into account. The person behind the screen could face shortcomings. The meeting attendee’s attention span suffers from a lack of personal interaction. This is why our tips could help to eliminate some of the problems associated with virtual board meetings.

Tips to make board meetings more effective

We have gathered the most useful tips on how to make virtual board meetings more effective. Let’s take a look at some of our suggestions:

  • Prepare an agenda for each meeting. There is nothing worse than not knowing why the meeting was called. 
  • Make sure the time and the duration of the meeting suit the attendees. This will allow participants to block time slots on their calendars so they can devote their time and focus on the meeting. 
  • Provide the documents for discussion during the meeting in advance. This will help to avoid wasting time as the attendees will have been acquainted with the material.
  • Keep the focus on the main topic of the meeting. The discussion needs to revolve around it. 
  • Dedicate separate time slots to listen to your employees’ thoughts. We need to make sure that there is enough time during the meeting for them to voice their opinions. 
  • Use board portal software. It will help to eliminate issues associated with file sharing and secure communication, saving everyone’s time and patience, and letting the leaders focus on what really matters.

How can board portals help?

We have established that virtual board meetings have their fair share of problems. Software solutions like board portals can make them easier to operate. They provide their users with advanced, secure video conferencing tools, safe file-sharing features, and ready-made templates that simplify the online board meeting. Thus, a board portal can be the best solution.

Meeting with company executives can be a lot to handle. Since most of those meetings have gone digital, a new set of problems has emerged. Our tips help with exactly that, and through the use of a board portal, you can optimize those meetings even further.