Apr 27 2023 7 min read
Responsibilities of the Board of Directors for Risk Management
Mitigating risks has always been a challenging task for boards of directors, and with the increasing reliance on digitalization and remote governance, th...
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Apr 25 2023 6 min read
Best Practices of Meeting Minutes Taking
Taking meeting minutes is an important part of any business or organizational meeting. This article discusses the best practices for taking meeting minut...
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Apr 16 2023 11 min read
Why and How to Use Board Meeting Minutes
Board meeting minutes are an essential component of board discussions and decisions. Below, we’ll look at how best to use them before we give you an ex...
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Apr 10 2023 8 min read
How to Choose a Perfect Boardroom Service for Your Business
Online boardrooms represent useful tools that have been specially developed with the view of helping the company’s directors to easily manage and o...
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Mar 10 2023 10 min read
Board Resolution: Templates, Types, and Best Practices
The recording of decisions made during board meetings is the cornerstone of every board meeting and business. With a board resolution template and an onl...
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Aug 20 2021 12 min read
Board Meeting Voting: Protocol, Procedures, and Rules
The quality of board governance defines an organization’s success. The directors’ job is to make informed and effective decisions to drive the compan...
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Jul 27 2021 8 min read
Tips for Effective Board Management
Collaboration remains an inseparable part of the performance of businesses worldwide. This is especially applicable for the boards of directors as their ...
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Jul 6 2021 7 min read
Nonprofit Governance: Challenges, Models, and Best Practices
Nonprofit governance ensures that your organization’s activities align with its goals. However, board members who lack experience, awareness, and an un...
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Jun 2 2021 10 min read
How to Run a Board Meeting: an In-Depth Guide for the Board Members
Companies are going online because today, this is not only an option – this is a new reality. Board meeting software could help organize the whole ...
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