Tips for Effective Board Management

Collaboration remains an inseparable part of the performance of businesses worldwide. This is especially applicable for the boards of directors as their task is to guide organizations to success even if the personnel and board participants are scattered across offices located in other regions. That is why, it is critical to have reliable tools that would assist boards to get ready for the meetings, organize the workflow during the meeting and evaluate its progress and outcomes in a productive manner. This can be done using the relevant software that is developed to ensure greater collaboration, improve board meeting management and meet the specific needs of the company’s directors.

Board Management before Meetings

Choosing the right board meeting management software is essential. Numerous vendors on the market offer different solutions, some of which might not be ideal for your case.

The right software is also important as different vendors offer different solutions some of which may not be suitable for your needs. A thorough approach to board meeting document management software selection will help you find the tool.
Boardroom software helps directors to:

  • Schedule and organize meetings;
  • Keep track of meeting minutes;
  • Monitor the attendance of meetings;
  • Share files and relevant content with other board participants.

The above is just a fraction of what a good board meeting management tool can do to improve the directors’ operation. Every board will find its unique benefits of digitizing the meeting process. But overall, using board meeting management software always results in faster and more resourceful decision-making.

For instance, the directors need to create an agenda and schedule the assembly when preparing for a meeting. Centralized board meeting document management and planning instruments can significantly streamline this process

This is not a full list of what goals can be achieved with the use of boardroom software before the meetings. In general, such software helps the boards run meetings better and increase productivity. At the preparatory stage during which the directors need to create an agenda and schedule the meeting, boardroom software can be of much help as it reduces the preparation time and helps to make preparatory work more efficient. The needs of each board may vary but many directors have similar tasks and demands before holding a meeting. In this respect, they need to have relevant software that will be added with a certain number of features required for the meeting preparation. These include the following:

  • Calendar with all the meeting information;
  • Ability to schedule the meeting and set the deadlines;
  • E-mail notifications giving an opportunity to find out when the new material is uploaded;
  • Integration with Google tools and other instruments for increased productivity and greater convenience;
  • Tools for creating board books and other important files for the approaching meeting.

As such, board meeting management solutions give boards a chance to create, upload and keep hundreds of files organized for the scheduled meeting at the stage of its preparation. This will guarantee that this process is smooth and easy for all the participants.

Essentially, board meeting document management solutions enable directors to create, store, and manage hundreds of files, cutting down the time preparing for the meeting. As a result, the meetings run more smoothly and productively.

Document Management during Meetings

Operating across different industry segments, directors have to engage in decision making and risk management, while preparation and holding of meetings can be a very time-consuming and tiresome task. For this reason, it has become a widespread practice to use paperless document management solutions during meetings. It allows for achieving the following goals:

  • Raise the efficiency of meetings;
  • Give boards a chance to focus on productive decision-making;
  • Streamline the process of holding a meeting;
  • Concentrate on the outcomes with the view to achieving the desired goals.
Document management during the meeting

Today’s board meetings have gone completely paperless due to the implementation of board portal software solutions. This technology is packed with many useful features that can be used during the meeting with the view to increasing its efficiency. These include the ability to:

  • Send reminders to other board members;
  • Simplify the search for information using special search tools;
  • Use the software on different devices to ensure that all the participants can access documents at any given moment;
  • Make annotations and notes not to omit any important issues discussed throughout the meeting;
  • Provide a statistical report on progress.

Thus, board management software makes the process of holding a board meeting simpler and more efficient by increasing productivity and making sure that all members of a board take into account all the important points for successful decision-making. Here you can read more about the reasons why your board needs board management software.

After Meetings Management

A perfect board portal must be secure and provide all the necessary features to manage documents not only during the meeting preparation but also after the meeting. That’s because the outcomes of the meeting are just as important as the process of preparation. In this regard, board meeting management software allows streamlining the whole process to derive better outcomes after the meeting. As such, the following goals can be achieved:

  • Every board member will have full access to improved meeting documentation;
  • All documents used during the meeting can be archived for later use;
  • All board members will have a chance to access records and materials from the previous meetings to improve decision making;
  • Important documents can be shared with other board participants after the meeting has been held to ensure that they have all the valuable information at hand.
Board document management after meeting

In general, a virtual boardroom simplifies the process of getting ready for the meeting and increases collaboration after the meeting is complete. This kind of software is user-friendly and very secure, which makes it a number one choice for business owners operating in different industry segments.


The benefits of paperless board management solutions cannot be overestimated at all phases of board meetings. Thus, these solutions can be applied for:

  • Easier document management by means of board books, agendas, minutes, and other tools;
  • Easier distribution of important files without the need to travel anywhere;
  • Simpler framework allowing boards to keep all files organized and helping them to increase organizational effectiveness;
  • Improved connectivity between the board members;
  • Simpler search for the relevant and outdated documents related to board meetings;

Overall, board management solutions allow gaining greater control over the access to information and keeping track of the meetings’ progress which improves the collaboration of the board members.