Board Management Software: 5 Signs Your Company Needs It Now

A well-functioning company has to have board meetings. These gatherings are vital for the development of the company and allow members to discuss courses of action, the future of the business and the unfinished tasks that need attention. To make sure everything goes as planned, a lot of work needs to be put into the meeting itself. 

In this article we will share how technical solutions can help  optimize this part of your business. How do you know if board management software is right for your organization? Here are five signs to look out for. 

1. It takes a lot of resources to organize a meeting 

The organization of board meetings can be a hassle. A group of people needs to assemble in a particular location, which means expenses are involved. The organizer has to ensure the conference room is clean and set up for the meeting as well as book accommodation and create travel itineraries for those coming from far away so that everyone can meet at the same time. This can quickly become a complicated process, resulting in unnecessary stress and a waste of time. 

The pandemic changed the way we organize meetings. Most of them are now taking place online, but are they producing optimal results? Wrong software or problems with file transfer can result in miscommunication and even more problems along the way. Meetings online might have cut our operational costs, but the old problems were only replaced by new ones. 

2. Different software is needed to conduct the meeting

While the meeting is taking place, other problems can crop up. As there are many solutions to making calls online, taking notes and organizing documents, using different software for each of those tasks might cause problems. Especially if even the most reliable software turns out to not live up to expectations.

An organizer has to stay alert to issues as they arise and provide quick solutions to keep the meeting going. The problem is switching from program to program diminishes our focus. Technology should help us, not hinder us in our actions. 

Boardroom management software does this perfectly, allowing attendees to stay focused on the task at hand, while the software provides all the essential things you need, from voting, commenting, and chatting to minutes recording, task management, and more.

3. Security issues

The data we share at board meetings is confidential. Important decisions are made in a meeting that can determine the future of the company. This is why security is key. If this vital factor is overlooked, data can be stolen by hackers. The sad truth is data breaches occur even in popular programs like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

Board software adds an additional level of security that many popular programs don’t provide. This gives you peace of mind in knowing your data is secure at every single meeting.

4. Meetings are unproductive and boring 

Even the best-planned board meetings can draw yawns from attendees. Let’s face it, going through lengthy reports and boring presentations will result in a waste of time and a lack of decisions. 

Board meeting software ensures meetings are more inclusive with an interactive interface that allows a more hands-on approach. Documents can be created from templates and meeting members can access, create, and share documents in real-time. 

5. There is still a lot of paper

The change from analog documents to virtual files is a slow, but steady process. Why shouldn’t board meetings benefit from that change? Virtual files are easier to navigate, can be commented on without ruining the integrity of the document, and files of other kinds can be attached to those documents. Not to mention that data of this sort is more secure than their physical counterparts.

Thanks to the clever solutions found in board meetings software, you gain complete control of the file transfer process. Besides that, board portals allow for easy and transparent user and access management, so you can keep track of all documentation and interactions with each document.

Over to you

Board meetings have a lot of variables. Whether they take place in the physical form or the digital one, they have their shortcomings. Here you can learn more about the advantages of a virtual boardroom. We use different software for different tasks, but this can lead to a loss of alertness. Security is also a major concern, given the recent data breaches at major companies. On top of that, the content of board meetings might lack the hands-on interactions needed to boost productivity, and paper documents present their own setbacks. 

All of these problems can be solved by using board meeting software, which was created to cater to the specific needs of a board meeting. From quick and easy organization to the ability to convert paper into digital files, board meeting software simplifies every aspect of a board meeting for you. You won’t have to switch windows while focusing on the important aspects of the business – with board meeting software everything you need is in one place, secure, and ready for your next board meeting.