Shaparency Board Portal

Although Shaparency provider has recently appeared on the market, the boardroom is not inferior to others. Clients from many industries appreciate smart features and the provider's support.
Shaparency - board portal reviews

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  • Founded 2020
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The activities of the Shaparency team are aimed at digitalizing and changing the views of directors to more modern ones. Namely, the optimization of work processes and the transition to a paperless format.

Although the provider has only recently brought its product to the market, it is already in demand among many industries. Customers appreciated the level of services provided and the feature set. The platform has everything you need for daily work, collaboration, meetings.

In terms of price, Shaparency can afford even those organizations that do not have a large budget. The provider offers two tariff plans. 

Shaparency Board Portal Review

  • Shaparency virtual conference room includes everything a director needs for negotiations. The developers have created an environment with a simple interface and things for productive communication.
  • Safe data exchange of any format and size that does not cause concerns for users. Security mechanisms prevent leaks and third-party interference.
  • Board of tasks, where directors not only create them but also can monitor their implementation. The program reminds you of the deadline.
  • Communication tools within the software eliminate the need for distraction to other devices or applications. It can be both chat and private messages. Each of the participants can ask a question of interest, notification about which all users receive. This content is also protected and does not lend itself to hacker attacks.
  • You can sign a contract in a virtual space without papers and movements. Not all boardrooms offer this feature, but Shaparency does.
  • Meeting minutes can be created and edited. In this process, it is essential not to miss important details to maximize the effectiveness of the meeting. The program helps users in creating the protocol at its best.
  • Clients find it easy to master the virtual workspaces. The Shaparency experts help, offering courses and technical support around the clock.

Business without extra costs and stress

The situation is: In the last minutes before the meeting, there are some changes: the documents related to the case cease to be relevant.
Boardless team: Postpones negotiations or cancels because there are no materials for discussion.
Equipped with Shaparency team: Participants do nothing, but the platform works for them. Here the data is automatically updated. The meeting will take place. 

Time-saving document search

The situation is: The conclusion of a contract or project implementation is in jeopardy. There are only a few minutes to give the data to the other party.
Boardless team: Search for a folder among a pile of unorganized papers.
Equipped with Shaparency team: Entering the file name in the input box, they are ready to provide relevant materials.

Intense work anywhere and anytime

The situation is: The board of directors has a problem that cannot be delayed. Not all members can attend negotiations due to circumstances.
Boardless team: In an attempt to settle the issue, they make a lot of calls, write letters, which usually leads to misunderstandings. In the worst case, call off the meeting on the back burner.
Equipped with Shaparency team: Solves the problem without having any reason for slowdowns.