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iBabs board meeting software was created as a solution that will help directors digitize their workflow to make it more efficient. iBabs board portal allows members to eliminate all the hassle, hold productive and quicker meetings, and collaborate to reach the desired results.
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Capterra: 4.5/5.0
G2: 5/5.0
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  • Founded 1997
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iBabs is suitable for organizations of any size and with any mission providing them with a convenient virtual board portal that can be accessed at any moment. Users can enter it from any device — both desktop and mobile gadgets. iBabs is already trusted by some two thousand organizations. Will it be a good fit for you, too?

Advantages of iBabs software

iBabs app is an easy-to-use and effective board portal that helps organizations around the world to reach the desired goals. Users of this provider appreciate:

  • The wide set of features
  • The flexibility of the software
  • Easy access to iBabs from all devices — there even is a web version for those who don’t want to install any apps. 

It is a truly versatile virtual board room that can fit the needs of various organizations. Additionally, it’s more affordable than other vendors on the market. iBabs is secured with the best bank-grade encryption and ISO certified which makes it suitable even for healthcare, biotech, and other industries that need to comply with certain regulations.

Usually, customers of this provider don’t experience any issues when using this software. However, if you encounter some problems, the support team of iBabs is ready to come to the rescue round-the-clock and help you get the most out of this software. If you’re not sure this virtual board portal is a good fit for you, we advise you to get the free demo of the <strong>iBabs board portal</strong> to figure out if you really like it.


Action Item Trackingyes
Activity Trackingyes
Activity Managementyes
Assignment Managementyes
Automatic Notificationsyes
Survey Managementyes
Surveys & Feedbackyes
Strategic planningyes
Access Controlyes
Member Account Accessyes
Offline Accessyes
Remote Accessyes
Permission Managementyes
Active Directory Integrationyes
Collaboration Toolsyes
Collaborative Workspaceyes
Email Invitations & Remindersyes
Team Calendarsno
Video Streamingno
Meeting Managementyes
Secure Data Storageyes
Secure Loginyes
SSL Securityyes
Two-Factor Authenticationyes
Digital Signatureyes
Electronic Signature Captureyes
Event Schedulingyes
Calendar Managementyes
Deadline Managementno
Real Time Reportingyes
Task Schedulingyes
Data & Documents
Document Reviewyes
Document Storageyes
Document Templatesyes
Document Managementyes
Data Import/Exportyes
Content Libraryyes
Customization & Interface
Client Portalno
Customizable Brandingno
Custom Formsyes
Customizable Reportingyes
Customizable Templatesyes
Drag & Drop Interfaceyes
Presentation Streamingno

Meeting management within iBabs software

iBabs provides convenient functionality for both secretaries and directors. The latter will appreciate iBabs for its ability to allow them to focus on important things instead of trying to figure out how to manage the hassle. This virtual board portal helps directors to get ready for meetings in advance so that they don’t waste time on updates during the event. This means members of the board will have a chance to jump straight to the discussion thus improving their focus and productivity.

With iBabs, directors can access all the required documents and keep track of the agendas, goals, and all decisions.

Secretaries will love iBabs for its management features. With this board portal, they will be able to manage meetings easily, record all the minutes and decisions, create summaries of the meetings, and even create action points and assign them. Therefore, it will be effortless for secretaries to prepare and maintain a convenient and efficient workspace for directors.

Additionally, all members can receive updates via email or push notifications, calculate due dates, decide on who can view uploaded files, highlight important events and agenda points, export decisions.