Directorpoint Board Portal

Directorpoint is a software board portal designed for executive teams of organizations.

Directorpoint - board portal reviews

Directorpoint rating:

Capterra: 4.6/5.0
G2: 3.5/5.0
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  • Founded 2012
  • Located USA

The main reason potential users turn to the provider is the desire to streamline and organize work processes. Directorpoint has been successfully handling this task for many years. Before meetings, each participant has the opportunity to get ready, regardless of the time and location. They do not need to go anywhere since any device at hand is enough. Virtual boardrooms have changed the way people see business.

Clients of this provider:

  • small, medium, and large business,
  • non-profit organizations,
  • charitable foundations.

Directorpoint Board Portal Review

Directorpoint is the choice of non-profit organizations, all types of businesses, government corporations. In short, all of those who eager to keep up with the times.

  • Data management. Upload and download documents to the platform using a drag and drop tool. Enter the file name in the input box and find the information you want quickly.
  • Creation of schedules. Track assignments in a user-friendly way. Everyone on the platform receives update notifications.
  • Access control. Directors can restrict and allow access to particular files. This feature prevents the use of data for personal gain.
  • Create and edit agendas easily. These materials are sent to all participants of the upcoming meeting, which makes them prepared.
  • Voting and polls. Some decisions are possible to make without meetings. For this, each of the participants cast their votes for one or another idea on the platform.
  • Data collaboration tools accelerate workflows and deal-making. The program automatically saves the latest version of the document.
  • The electronic signature is a feature that reduces the number of business trips. The platform is protected. That is why even the most confidential data can be placed here and then sent to a partner for signature.
  • Technical support assists the client at any time and usually responds within a few minutes. The client can contact via call, email, or chat.

Directorpoint Benefits

Quick access to any data. The platform is a repository of documents and a tool for quick search. Directorpoint customers appreciate the opportunity to save time. In the era of paper-based meetings, attendees had to deal with a lot of printed material.

Work remotely. Acquaintance with data, preparation for a meeting, summing up can take place far outside the office. Having logged in, the user works anywhere.

Increased activity of executives. Now there is no need to schedule meetings for any occasion. As soon as there is a need to resolve an issue or make a decision, share your opinion online. For this, the developer offers messengers, chats, voting tools.

Controlled access. Administrators manage data and users. They can create committees with a specific composition of directors. Each of these committees has access to the files they need for work.

Saving time and resources. Your organization does not bear the costs of paper and travel. Everything you need to hold negotiations and work with documents is here on the portal.