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Diligent as the leading provider of board solutions for different types of businesses. Features of Diligent board software aimed at simplifying the business processes globally.

Diligent - board of directors software comparison

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Diligent remains a globally recognized provider of secure board meeting solutions, also being the largest network of corporate executives worldwide. Its customer base comprises over 16,000 businesses and around 650 thousand leaders in more than 90 countries globally. The board products of the company have been designed to ensure top-notch security and incomparable simplicity.

Advantages of Diligent software

Diligent provides user-friendly and secure board management solutions that are aimed at improving the collaboration between the company’s board members and their business performance. Users have a chance to safely access all uploaded documentation which gives the participants a chance to review and study the data by means of a Diligent board app beforehand.

All the necessary data can be assembled within just several minutes, while the voting feature added to the boardrooms of this provider allows solving any issues that may arise before the meeting. The data are synchronized with the devices of users, and there is also a safe messenger that can be used for communication between board members in relation to some documents or records. All these features are aimed at simplifying the board management process and improving the board’s performance in general.

Moreover, Diligent board portal software is supported by reliable customer service available 24/7. This provider also offers a free trial to everyone who wants to first look at the features of the given software to get a clear idea of what it represents. The software solutions of Diligent are compatible with mobile- and desktop-oriented OS including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. This makes them a universal solution for directors and executives of different companies.


Action Item Trackingno
Activity Dashboardno
Activity Managementno
Assignment Managementno
Automatic Notificationsno
Survey Managementyes
Archiving & Retentionno
Role Managementyes
Distribution Managementyes
Access Controlyes
Member Account Accessno
Offline Accessyes
Remote Accessno
Role-Based Permissionsno
Active Directory Integrationno
Collaborative Reviewyes
Collaborative Workspaceyes
Email Invitations & Remindersno
Team Calendarsno
Video Streamingno
Meeting Managementno
Secure Data Storageyes
Secure Loginyes
SSL Securityyes
Digital Signatureyes
Electronic Signature Captureno
Event Schedulingno
Calendar Managementyes
Deadline Managementno
Real Time Reportingno
Task Schedulingno
Data & Documents
Document Reviewno
Document Storageyes
Document Templatesno
Document Managementno
Data Import/Exportno
Customization & Interface
Client Portalyes
Customizable Brandingyes
Customizable Categoriesno
Customizable Reportingno
Customizable Templatesno
Drag & Drop Interfaceno
Presentation Streamingno
SMS Integrationno
Search Functionalityyes

Meeting management within Diligent software

Diligent board portal solutions represent much more than just a set of tools for managing corporate files and sensitive documentation. This provider lets users gain control over each aspect of governance by offering a broad variety of different instruments.

The tools allow the board members to understand all aspects of the business processes better, and find out how to improve them. With such an outstanding approach, this provider has turned into the best-rated board provider in Canada and worldwide. It is relied upon by numerous business leaders because it offers a whole set of features that the board members of a company require.

This allows for achieving a high level of performance on the market. The board solutions of Diligent can be customized to the specific needs of businesses, and the best outcomes can be achieved if business leaders use the right tools at the right time.