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Decades of experience have pushed BoardWorks forward. Over the years, the service provider has learned what directors and their company need to thrive.
Boardworks - board of directors software comparison

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Capterra: 3.7/5.0
G2: 0/5.0
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  • Founded 1978
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BoardWorks from Computershare is a virtual boardroom that minimizes business risk and supports directors. It is an American company founded back in 1978. Years of experience is a significant advantage over others. 

Turning to this provider, customers find the best solutions for personnel management and data operations. Thus, companies are ahead of competitors in the market, developing and organizing work properly. The experienced BoardWorks team keeps its promise to workers in any industry. Namely, to offer solutions to the problems and challenges we face day after day.

BoardWorks Review

  • The platform is multilingual, which does not limit the range of users and their capabilities.
  • Notifications remind directors of events, new data on the platform, changes made. In other words, no one has to send emails or make phone calls to enlighten colleagues.
  • Automatic data updates ensure that you work only with the latest versions of documents.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to upload and search files without delays.
  • Users can quickly and easily add annotations to any document to speed up online and offline viewing and collaboration processes.
  • Voting modules are an opportunity to approve decisions without meetings.
  • The provider offers data centers that are regulated by international security standards. That does not affect the speed of the boardroom.
  • You can sign the document directly on the platform without worrying about security issues. Signing contracts on the platform is safe and convenient for busy business people.

Main Benefits

Advanced functionality that improves the work of any team. The introduction of the latest tools into the program is for satisfying even the most demanding client with high needs. BoardWorks client companies say that the organization and activity of directors have increased thanks to this virtual assistant.

Quality management system. As opportunities increase, the inner life of the company becomes more disciplined. Now you can carry out even urgent tasks being in the office or even at home. BoardWorks simplifies all processes, so everyone is ready to take on more duties and responsibilities.

Security beyond doubt. This point is one of the most valuable benefits of boardroom customers. Data protection is still a challenge for many industries. This virtual environment is an impenetrable repository of all content, including the correspondence. Taking into account all the hacker tricks, the developers did a great job to make attackers powerless.

Saving resources. The provider offers reasonable prices that are affordable even for startups. The boardrooms use case is cheaper than the outdated one with a lot of paperwork and other tedious attributes. If you still don’t think so, consider the costs of renting premises, business trips, printouts.