Boardvantage Board Portal Software

Boardvantage software was specially developed for company directors with the view to helping them fulfill their responsibilities and meet the requirements to their performance.

Boardvantage - board of directors software comparison

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Capterra: 4.5/5.0
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The board portal solutions of Boardvantage are oriented at the needs of company directors as they are aimed at helping them to achieve excellence in their performance. The team of software developers behind these solutions offers two options: Boardvantage MeetX and Boardvantage Director. The first solution is a bit more comprehensive, while the second one has a more technologically advanced interface and focuses on the provision of information to board members and executives.

Advantages of Boardvantage software

Boardvantage started offering board portal solutions after Vantage as a company has been acquired by Nasdaq. The board portal software of this company is aimed at making the work with sensitive documents pretty much automatic. This will allow the board directors to complete several tasks all at once, such as voting and preparation of the board resolution. 

Boardvantage pricing is also reasonable, which makes this software an attractive option for many businesses. The manual work with papers is minimized because everything is transferred into the digital space. All documents are properly protected with the help of the latest encryption technologies.

The <strong>boardvantage portal software</strong> are characterized by the following features:

  • E-signature
  • Annotations and notes in files
  • Offline reviewing of data
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Safe e-mail messaging
  • Quick access to board meetings
  • A place for storing folders and files

As such, Boardvantage board portal solutions have all the necessary features for meeting management that would be useful for companies of all types and sizes.


Action Item Trackingno
Activity Dashboardyes
Activity Managementno
Assignment Managementno
Automatic Notificationsyes
Task Managementyes
Archiving & Retentionyes
Role Managementno
Distribution Managementyes
Access Controlno
Member Account Accessno
Offline Accessno
Remote Accessyes
Role-Based Permissionsyes
Active Directory Integrationno
Remote Controlyes
Collaboration Toolsyes
Collaborative Workspaceno
Email Invitations & Remindersno
Team Calendarsno
Video Streamingno
Meeting Managementyes
Secure Data Storageno
Secure Loginno
SSL Securityno
Digital Signatureyes
Electronic Signature Captureyes
Event Schedulingno
Calendar Managementyes
Deadline Managementno
Reporting & Statisticsyes
Task Schedulingno
Data & Documents
Document Reviewyes
Document Storageno
Document Templatesyes
Document Managementyes
Data Import/Exportno
Customization & Interface
Client Portalno
Customizable Brandingno
Customizable Categoriesno
Customizable Reportingno
Customizable Templatesno
Drag & Drop Interfaceyes
Presentation Streamingno
SMS Integrationno
Text Editingyes
Question Libraryyes
Project Workflowyes
Project Trackingyes

Meeting management within Boardvantage portal software

Boardvantage takes pride in claiming that its software solutions are utilized by more than 1,500 companies worldwide. Their board portal solutions are designed to make document management automatic and enable the directors to complete their ordinary tasks easily and with minimum effort. This refers to such tasks as handling and signing documents as well as voting among many others.

The company’s major goal is to make document management absolutely paperless and take care of the documents’ security. They achieve these goals by providing advanced software solutions and implementing the best encryption technologies into their products.

The original software product of the company is known as Boardvantage Director being entirely oriented at the needs of directors. It ensures that they execute their duties as easily and conveniently as possible even though the demands they face are growing at a rapid speed.

The second product of the company is known as Boardvantage MeetX and has a more drastic approach to handling board meeting documentation. It has a more advanced graphical interface and places more emphasis on the provision of the necessary documents and data to not only directors but also executives. According to Boardvantage reviews, the company considers that the traditional boards of directors prefer using the first product of the company, while more advanced companies choose the MeetX version because it offers greater productivity and efficiency.