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A virtual board portal should be the first software the business adopts because of significant improvement of efficiency. BoardMaps offers a versatile solution that can fit a company of any size and in any field.

Advantages of BoardMaps software

BoardMaps offers some unique features that are hardly available in the products of other vendors:

  • request documents from participants
  • propose matters to the agenda
  • draft the decisions and optimization of the board resolutions

BoardMaps allows transforming decisions into action items, making it easier to jump straight to the work and save a lot of time. Board members can organize the tasks into cascades to divide the large goal into feasible actions. Moreover, users can manage tasks from their calendars, which is extremely convenient. If directors need to refer action items to another meeting or participant, they can effortlessly do it in BoardMaps.

Even though there are a lot of features, the interface of the board portal is not overloaded. All functions are organized neatly, and you will find them without any issues. The service is very user-friendly, and it’s unlikely that any directors will encounter problems using it. BoardMaps is easy to implement and get started with. And if you ever face any struggle, support specialists will come to help you out. The support team of BoardMaps is available round the clock.


The features of BoardMaps support the natural cycle board members go through. It consists of three stages. The first one is the preparation for the meeting, the second one is the meeting itself. And the third one involves the execution of the plan, developed during the discussion, and, of course, preparation for the next meeting.

Action Item Trackingyes
Activity Dashboardyes
Activity Managementyes
Assignment Managementyes
Automatic Notificationsyes
Task Managementyes
Archiving & Retentionyes
Role Managementyes
Distribution Managementyes
Access Controlyes
Member Account Accessyes
Offline Accessyes
Remote Accessyes
Role-Based Permissionsyes
Active Directory Integrationyes
Collaboration Toolsyes
Collaborative Workspaceyes
Email Invitations & Remindersyes
Team Calendarsyes
Video Streamingyes
Meeting Managementno
Secure Data Storageyes
Secure Loginyes
SSL Securityyes
Digital Signatureyes
Electronic Signature Captureyes
Event Schedulingyes
Calendar Managementyes
Deadline Managementyes
Real Time Reportingyes
Task Schedulingyes
Data & Documents
Document Reviewyes
Document Storageyes
Document Templatesyes
Document Managementno
Data Import/Exportyes
Customization & Interface
Client Portalyes
Customizable Brandingyes
Customizable Categoriesyes
Customizable Reportingyes
Customizable Templatesyes
Drag & Drop Interfaceyes
Presentation Streamingyes
SMS Integrationyes
Search Functionalityyes

Meeting management within BoardMaps software

During the preparation for the meeting, BoardMaps allows leaders to jump straight to the decision-making process.

Directors can share documents and issues within the board portal before the meeting so that everyone stays updated. All the papers can be dynamically updated to keep the information true. Users can create agendas in advance and even propose drafts of possible solutions to the issues. And while the agenda of the meeting is being established, directors can propose matters to it.

As a result, all the board members will arrive at the meeting being totally prepared for the discussion. That’s when using BoardMaps becomes even more convenient – remote directors can join without the necessity of being physically present. BoardMaps broadcasts the discussion both to online and offline users. If the remote leaders can’t participate actively in the debate, they can express their vision using a voting tool. 

The process gets even easier when all the participants can access the information in the BoardMaps. After the decisions are made, directors can turn them into action items in the virtual board portal, assign these action items to the responsible persons, and even set the deadlines for tasks. Thus, nothing remains forgotten, and the base for productive work is set.

Once the meeting is over, all the minutes are saved automatically. Using BoardMaps, directors can send reminders and see statistics on the performance of the company. Also, they can leave and organize comments under action items to use them as a basis for future meetings. Thus, the workflow becomes extremely structured, and it’s easy to follow the processes.