BoardEffect Board Portal

BoardEffect board portal as an industry-leading software solution offering a full set of features and tools necessary for successful and easy board management.

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BoardEffect rating:

Capterra: 4.8/5.0
G2: 3.9/5.0
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  • Founded 2007
  • Located USA

BoardEffect is ranked as an industry leader in the provision of board portal technologies aimed at meeting the business needs of organizations worldwide. The developers behind BoardEffect take into consideration the diverse demands and goals of their clients with the view to enhancing the collaboration of the boards and providing them with all useful tools for easy management of their companies.

Advantages of BoardEffect software

There are many merits of using boardroom software of BoardEffect. Some of the most prominent benefits include the following:

  • Access to unrestricted storage. There are absolutely no limits regarding the number of files stored on the platforms of BoardEffect. You may store as many files as you wish, and their size and volume are also unlimited;
  • Undisputable security and complete control over all processes. This vendor gives you a chance to gain control over settings and regulate the accessibility of files to meet the goals of your company and simplify the experience of your employees who will be using this technology;
  • Enhanced mobile experience. This vendor constantly enhances its technologies to offer user-friendly and secure board portals that can be accessed from any preferable device. This makes them a sought-after solution for many businesses.

The usability of BoardEffect’s software explains why their products and services are in high demand across different types of businesses. It can be assumed that the intuitive design of their software and the ability to enjoy multiple useful features make their software especially attractive for numerous organizations all over the world.

BoardEffect as a leading vendor of board portals offers its software solutions to thousands of companies worldwide. The customers of this provider operate in different business segments and may include:

  • Life science and healthcare organizations
  • Higher educational institutions
  • Commercial organizations
  • Non-profits
  • Foundations
  • Governmental organizations
  • Private companies, etc.


Action Item Trackingno
Activity Dashboardno
Activity Managementno
Assignment Managementno
Automatic Notificationsno
Survey Managementyes
Archiving & Retentionyes
Role Managementno
Access Controlyes
Member Account Accessno
Offline Accessno
Remote Accessno
Role-Based Permissionsno
Active Directory Integrationno
Collaboration Toolsyes
Collaborative Workspaceyes
Email Invitations & Remindersyes
Team Calendarsno
Video Streamingno
Meeting Managementyes
Secure Data Storageno
Secure Loginno
SSL Securityno
Digital Signatureno
Electronic Signature Captureyes
Event Schedulingno
Calendar Managementno
Deadline Managementyes
Real Time Reportingno
Task Schedulingyes
Data & Documents
Document Reviewno
Document Storageyes
Document Templatesno
Document Managementno
Data Import/Exportno
Content Libraryyes
Customization & Interface
Client Portalno
Customizable Brandingno
Customizable Categoriesno
Customizable Reportingno
Customizable Templatesyes
Drag & Drop Interfaceno
Presentation Streamingno
SMS Integrationno
Search Functionalityno

Meeting management within BoardEffect software

Cloud-based board portals offered by BoardEffect significantly simplify board meeting management. The vendor offers a full set of features for absolutely any business needs including:

  • Easy document sharing and management
  • Annotations on board meetings
  • Budget management
  • Auditing
  • Voting management
  • Appointments, etc.

What’s more, the compatibility of their software with different operational systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac makes their products user-friendly and convenient. The software solutions of this vendor are also compatible with mobile devices while their customer support runs 24/7 and can be accessed via email or phone. You may also get support through webinars or blogs whenever such a need arises. BoardEffect pricing is also highly affordable which means that you won’t have to deal with unnecessary costs if you choose this vendor for your business needs.