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Boardable is one of the leading board management software providers for non-profits. Still, Boardable remains useful for businesses

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  • Founded 2016
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Boardable is an invention for non-profit enterprises, created taking into account the specifics of the industry. The developers came from the same field of activity, so boardable may be considered as an ideal option for relevant organizations. The fact is that the company founders did not find a program to meet their own needs a few years ago. That is why they started to create a unique and versatile platform.

Boardable works diligently for the client no matter where they are. The provider’s customers are all over the world.

Advantages of Boardable software

Despite the young age of the vendor, Boardable is on the market since 2016, its software is already among the leading solutions for nonprofits. On the other hand, healthcare organizations, trade organizations, small for-profit businesses still can benefit from the usage of the Boardable product.

Another crucial advantage of Boardable is its pricing. As the main focus is on nonprofits or small businesses, the pricing options are affordable for a vast range of businesses. The clients can save even more if they are choosing yearly billing.

The product is constantly developing. With Boardble, the clients can be sure that if some features aren’t developed yet, they are probably in progress and will be available soon. This approach should help build the loyalty of customers.

Meeting management within Boardable software

Templates for an agenda allow the administrator to cope with the task faster, without missing important details. Directors receive the document as a PDF file.

Meeting scheduling is automated to save time. Each user concentrates their efforts on more essential matters than organizing negotiations. Distractions can slow down missions important to communities.

The integration of video conferencing software also contributes to a more comfortable work experience. You may find sensible solutions not only through scheduled conferences but also by video calls if necessary.

All data in one manageable place is a benefit for Boardable customers. They no longer use e-mail boxes because boardrooms are much easier to operate.

The platform speeds up the process of signing a document. Just send it to the recipient, who will sign it upon entering the system. You can check the status of the sent file. It is easy to do without paperwork and travel.

The program provides a report on completed tasks. That is how directors can track the progress and performance of a board member.

Voting turns decision-making into a shared process in which everyone is involved. Users vote for the option they like, and then Boardable shows the results.