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The BellesBoard provider creates all conditions for comfortable work. The modern business needs solutions that will help move forward. By using the functions of this boardroom, the client gains many benefits
BellesBoard - board of directors software comparison

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Capterra: 4.6/5.0
G2: 0/5.0
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  • Founded 2016
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BellesBoard is a web portal that supports directors. We are talking about organizing work processes, involving partners, and convenient access to data. While creating the product, the developers started from the experience of seasoned directors. Taking into account their wishes and complaints about the software available on the market, the team created a fundamentally new tool for settling matters.

Now BellesBoard customers have become more professional, organized, and cohesive within their teams. Good value for money attracts potential users. Nonprofits receive support and a set of functions that move them forward to achieve great results.

Advantages of BellesBoard software

BellesBoard allows saving the most valuable resource – time. Heaps of papers are a thing of the past. The innovative alternative allows for faster paperwork. Whatever industry you are in, the boardroom will make your day-to-day work routine smoother and less time-consuming.

Save on printing as well. The data is on the platform, and directors make it available to everyone involved. There is no need to rush with papers around the office, country, or world.

Increase the involvement of colleagues and partners in the business. It can be hard to find a link between boardrooms implementation and user engagement. The team of employees makes decisions taking into account the opinions of everyone, wherever they are. By logging into the system from a phone or other device, everyone becomes an active participant.

Receive a security guarantee. The BellesBoard provider operates under the principles of international data protection standards. There is no reason to worry about leakage when exchanging data or keeping high-value securities.

Meeting management within BellesBoard software

BellesBoard is easy to manage and affordable. Below are the main features that make the client’s work easier:

  • Installation does not take long. Users quickly learn the program thanks to the simple interface. The BellesBoard team assists in mastering through webinars, individual lessons, live online.
  • Android and iPad / iPhone supports the platform. Users can work not only from the office.
  • Technical support is ready to assist online during business hours. That is, the BellesBoard customer can get answers to their questions and professional help.
  • Data management, that is, you can restrict or allow access to certain documents.
  • The calendar allows you to schedule events and appointments so that all platform users are aware of them.
  • Creation of meeting minutes, which are an integral part of a meeting 
  • Collaboration tools are available. As a result, even complex tasks take less time through collaborative efforts.
  • Each user can put a matter to a vote. Thus the team makes a decision together without meeting in a physical sense.
  • A member directory is right on the platform. Here is information on each employee, personal data, position, etc. Since these materials are protected, no one can use them for personal gain.